VISUAL CONTENT TO THE NEXT LEVELTake your visual content to the next level.

Images get massive response on social media.  If you haven’t already done so, incorporate a visual plan into your social media marketing.  You want to have amazing visual content but you just don’t know where to get the inspiration, the creative side to actually generate something that goes according to your brand and it voices your message.

Pinterest is one of the first social media platforms I am going to refer you. It should be your first GO-TO place.  You will find lots of creative ideas created by others, and they want to share it with you so you can repin.  I don’t recommend, “stealing” other people’s pins from boards and you calling those your own. Remember to always, always give credit to the source. Start doing keyword search for pin in your area or expertise. Then come up with some word combinations based on your business niche. For example, for clean eating, search for healthy food, eating organic, eating natural and see what comes up. This search will bring up thousands of different pins with a ton of creative visuals.

After you find what you were searching for, go through the pin and see which ones would be of interest to your followers.

Stay with your theme. (Nutrition, clean eating, healthy food, etc.) If you find a nutritionist who shares recipes, easy 30 minute clean eating cooking ideas, share the pins! Show your followers tips on how to create recipes, share to love for food and the love for sharing good food with your loved ones. This approach will make you stand out from others who are in your same industry.

Look at how much engagement each pin has received. Check out how many times the image yoga pinteresthas been repined or liked, and read through the comments on those pins.Check out this image. At the top it shows it has been repinned 9816 times and it has 1093 likes. This will help you decide the type of visual content your audience will appreciate. When you create useful content, fans and followers appreciate that. It uplifts your credibility. You will be the first they think of when your loyal customers need what your business has to offer.

The Search for Hashtags on Instagram

This is a favorite of mine. Instagram is an excellent platform to tell your business story though visual updates. If you want to attract more customers, with your visual content, find out what your ideal audience and successful competitors are sharing on Instragram. Search for relevant hashtags, and then use your discoveries to spark ideas for your business. For example: if you are a local yoga instructor, search for #yoga Try different searches until you find accounts with outstanding images.

Discover Popular Visuals on Facebook

There are several media tools available to help you. Such as Facebook tool Post Planner. The app searches for Facebook pages in your industry and sorts out their most popular visual content. Before you jump on to Post Planner, be sure to perform a Graph Search on Facebook for businesses similar to yours in different parts of the world.

Research the most popular instagram hashtags in your industry. Find active, relevant users to your industry as well as business owners like you. Get inspired by their visual content and get started on your own visual content journey. You will be amaze!

Create your own content that engages, educate and inspires others. Create your version of images that is more appropriate to your brand and promote your business.

Sign up for the Post Planner app once you have a long list. Go to the Viral Photos feature and add the pages.

Look to Facebook Interest List

It’s just as key to curate visual content, as it is to create it. When you share images from industry influencers, you become more valuable to your audience. The best way to keep all of the rich content together is to create Facebook lists.

Go to the left side of your Facebook page, scroll down and click on Interest. Then click on Add interest. (Noticed there is quite a few list that already exist)

Remember each list you create will have a stream of its own, which only shows content from the pages you added. This tool will be very helpful when you are trying to find content to share.

Before you share anything, investigate the engagement that the post, update or graphic received. Tweak something so it can be according to your brand.

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