Make an Impact with elevator pitchHave you ever introduced your business in 60 seconds?

If your answer is “NO”. Well, I’ll explain … Imagine, you have 60 seconds (or less!)  And this is your only opportunity to make a first impression to sell your million dollar idea to a room full of strangers. The setting is the same if  you’re out at a conference of entrepreneurship, with friends, or just meet someone new who knows someone who is able to help you take your business to the next level and asks you this question ” What do you do? “or,” Tell me about your company or business? “ You can also use this on your social media profile, your “About me” page on your website and even as a slogan on your website or email signature. Remember to make part of your brand and that is recognizable and clear. This is the formula that we love to use to create our own statement.  We would like to have an easy and short phrase that is used in your social networking profile where there is only a limited space for this purpose.

We would also like to have a longer phrase at hand that would be perfect to send to colleagues so they can have a better idea of what our business or niche is all about. As intimidating as that room full of strangers can be, the trick to getting that contract or sale is to choose your words wisely. This is the perfect opportunity, not necessarily to “sell” your business, but people want to know more about you and your company. The famous “elevator speech” has been created for an occasion such as this. FORMULA to your elevator pitch:

I HELP * PUBLIC * + * BENEFITS * = RESULTS For example:

I help online entrepreneurs who are experiencing social media overwhelmed + (Benefits) To maximize their marketing efforts  = (Results)  and  build a profitable business.

Here is a sample sentence: “We help creative entrepreneurs to build a profitable business and arm them with viable tools to do everything”. Following this formula can cut the fluff and focus on exactly who, what and how of your business. Are you still not sure who your ideal client is?

When creating your pitch is super important to know exactly who your ideal client is. Modify your pitch to speak directly to them. The clearer your message, the more people will agree with you and they would say, “Yes, this is for me! “


Write all the words that come to mind that apply to your own business.  Gather several sentences together to see which ones are better. Make sure your elevator speech memorable. Do you want to make an impact the next time you are at a networking event?  I invite you to get my “Elevator Pitch Template” specially for real estate professionals.